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The Exploited as a reference in a Mohawk rez called Kahnawake

Community Space Exhibition at The People's Palace

The latest exhibition to take place in the Community Exhibition space, will be by Award winning photographer Jannica Honey.

The exhibition titled “The Exploited as a reference in a Mohawk rez called Kahnawake” was shot in Kahnawake, a Mohawk reservation outside Montreal. It captures the diverse range of residents who the photographer met last winter, when she spent two days walking around the 9000-strong community. The series of images includes peacemakers, chiefs, staff on the local newspaper, the customers of a coffee shop and a young punk rocker. All the subjects shared their stories of life on the reservation, which despite its close proximity to Montreal, exists as a separate entity with its own system of government.

In this exhibition the emphasis will be on the meaning of identity and the significant value of community, Blood quantum laws and heritage takes a central place in this series of photographs.

The artist said: “Humans have a deep-seated need for identifying and recognizing, this is how we connect. After visiting Kahnawake I came to realize that how we see ourselves, what we identify with, is essential for the community. It is first when we establish who we are we have the possibility to share with others & expand. In many places minorities are rising, and demand not only independence but recognition. It seems as if it is the very acknowledgement that brings redemption and that full acceptance is what we all need to grow – as cultures, nations and individuals. My series of photographs from the Mohawk reservation reveal a different world; meanwhile they give emphasis to how similar we are. 

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  • Date 1st Mar - 14th Apr 2014
  • Time See venue opening hours
  • Admission Free - Drop-in - no ticket required

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People's Palace

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